Hair Scrunchie - Large

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Elevate your hair game with these beautiful, comfortable and stylish scrunchies handmade in Canada from fabric scraps from our clothing line. They can be wrapped around your hair once or multiple times depending on the thickness of your hair without causing any discomfort. Scrunchies also look great on your wrist as an accessory when your not wearing them in your hair!  This listing is for our Large style scrunchie, we also have a Regular sized scrunchie for everyday wear.

We hate throwing away fabric, that is why we decided to make these scrunchies out of the perfectly good fabric that would otherwise go in the garbage! We try our best to use what we can, and what we can't, we donate to someone who can.

Please note that every scrunchie is unique and may differ slightly than the photo.

Handmade in Ottawa by AVENIR


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